Westinghouse Summit in China

Oct 8, 2016

Westinghouse SummitWestinghouse 2016 Summit commenced today in Hainan, China, gathering an impressive and diverse lineup of Westinghouse licensees. The summit, taking place in Hainan today through October 9, includes product showcases from Westinghouse licensees, including batteries, small kitchen appliances, beauty products, low voltage switch gears and more.

The annual Westinghouse Licensee Summit is a great milestone to review our successes of the past year and get a peek into the future of consumer product offerings and opportunities. This past year Westinghouse brand saw a significant increase in popularity, which in turn had a tremendous impact on brand, from both the sales and product range perspective.

With our diverse customer base, Westinghouse has worked to increase its product offering in recent years, providing products that transcends the quality and organically fits into the daily lives of our customers.

To see the latest product offerings from Westinghouse visit: www.westinghouse.com

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